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I first trained at Rochdale Judo Club in the late 80’s and I returned to the club in September 2013 at the age of 43! They are a very friendly bunch and the level of coaching is second to none with many high ranking dan grade instructors. Many masters and judo champions have been created at the club, but whatever level you’re at you are made to feel welcome. Parents and partners are also welcome to watch the training. I’m glad I’ve found a way to keep fit with the extra self-defence aspect included. I can’t keep away, highly recommended!

Jason Cronshaw


I am 38 and had never tried any martial arts until starting with the club late last year and now I really enjoy the judo and combat training. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for and was very nervous the first time I joined a session. I needn’t have worried! The experience and passion the coaches have for the sport and its teaching is apparent from day one. Loads of encouragement and support from day one and the atmosphere at the club is really good. The sessions are a great workout and I am definitely in better shape than when I started! If you are thinking about Judo or self-defence I cannot recommend RJC highly enough, ‘nuff said!

Michael Cummings


Both my daughters were welcomed with open arms to Rochdale Judo Club and immediately put at ease. From what I’ve seen the coaches are extremely qualified and provide expert guidance to the kids. Even though they have only been with the club a short time, they are really enthusiastic and each Tuesday and Friday my girls are the ones dragging me out of the house to get us to training ‘on time.’

G. Barrett, parent


Rochdale Judo Club is fantastic for our children to learn the discipline of judo as well as have fun. From a parent’s perspective it’s a great place to meet and catch up – very friendly.

Group of Parents


My daughter loves judo, loves the club and the friendships she’s built. The coaches are friendly and patient.

Mrs Stead, parent


Jake has been a member at RJC for two years. I like how disciplined but friendly the club is.

Susan Brearley, parent


My two boys have grown in confidence since they joined the club nearly two years ago. The coaches manage to mix some fun with learning new skills.

Louise Houghton, parent


It’s a really fun sport and the club members are really friendly. I come to have fun and learn a great sport.

Iona Cloran


Great club; the confidence of our grandson has really blossomed since joining.

Dave Glaser, grandparent


I come to the club because I enjoy judo as a sport. Also, it is friendly and makes me feel very welcome.

Rachael Ford


My grandson Harry has been a member for about a year now. In that year he has grown tremendously in his confidence. He speaks to everyone, joins in with all activities and thoroughly enjoys the entire night. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Eddie (Thomas, 2nd Dan) and Mick (Armstrong, 2nd Dan) for your time and patience.

Marie Simpson, grandmother


I have started judo again after seven years away. Coming back… it is like I never left. The set up is fantastic; good coaches, hard work and it feels great to be back.

Ross Duffy


I chose Rochdale Judo Club for the great facilities and extremely friendly staff.

Matt Bentley


We feel lucky to have found a welcoming and friendly club with such a high standard of instruction.

Michelle Sheppard, parent


My two children attend Rochdale Judo Club. During this time they have both grown in confidence. Sessions start with fun games which they all love; then they are taught judo in a safe environment; and they finish with more games. Lots of happy smiling faces at the end of each session.

Emma Reading, parent


I have trained at the club now for 5 years. The facilities are excellent, which was what first drew me to the club, however it is the coaching team and the club atmosphere which has kept me coming back. The coaches are very welcoming and do a great job of coaching a range of abilities, from recreational players like myself who just wanted to get fit and learn something new through to some of the more elite players, which the club has a history of training. More recently my little boy has started the junior classes also and is really enjoying it. Again, there is a very welcoming atmosphere at the junior sessions and the coaches do an excellent job of keeping the younger children involved and learning. Whatever your age or fitness level, if you are interested in Judo, I would really recommend Rochdale Judo Club as a great place to learn.

Derek Redmond


Thought I’d better do something for my fitness when I turned 40 – and now I’m kicking myself for waiting that long. I have come to really enjoy my judo training and look forward to it every week. It’s not without its aches and bruises, but each one is honestly earned and my body is adapting. The level of experienced instruction and quality of facilities is excellent. This club is committed to passing on its love of the sport and this is apparent in everything they do. My fellow players are all great to train with, the guys at my level are eager to learn and anyone more experienced is usually really quick to help and offer tips and pointers. Definitely glad I started in judo at RJC.

Paul Clement