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Woz-Mick Judo for All in the North West

The Olympic sport of Judo although initially derived from Martial Arts involves no kicking, punching, or hitting anyone at anytime. The principle of judo is to mentally and physically outmanoeuvre your opponent using skillful techniques, and lays great emphasis on discipline and self control. Judo is also regarded by many experts as the best form of self defence for school children often though purely by the confidence and physical awareness it instills, for this reason it has proven anti-bullying impact.

Recent government results revealed that 13% of schools are currently offering judo as a school activity. Although this percentage is promising, there is still room for improvement when compared to sports such as Volleyball (25%) and Cycling (55%).

Judo Demonstrations

Woz-Mick Judo 4 ALL are able to give a 20 minute Judo demonstrations in school settings with a view to subsequently delivering 5 week courses, (or blocks of courses) either pre-school, lunchtime of after school. Courses cost £25 per child for the 5 week blocks and this includes provision of Judo mats, kit (shorts and tee shirt should be worn underneath) and post course certification.

The coaches are long-standing black belts, National Governing Body (NGB) qualified; they also hold current certificates in First Aid and Safeguarding and Protecting Children. As demanded by the NGB they are also CRB checked (Enhanced) and cleared. They have over 10 years schools coaching experience.

Woz-Mick Judo 4 All has been endorsed by Link4Life; Link4Life is the trading name for the Rochdale Borough wide Cultural Trust. It is an independent company limited by guarantee (and a registered charity) with a trading subsidiary company. Link4Life was set up on 1 April 2007 to provide cultural services on behalf of Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council under a 15 year Partnership Agreement.

Permanent Dojo

In addition they are also endorsed by Rochdale Judo Club, the Borough’s longest standing club having been established in 1950. A great milestone was achieved in 2005 when with the help of a lottery grant the clubs permanent Dojo was extended and now stands as one of the finest Judo venues in the North West Region. Woz-Mick’s long standing association with the club ensure appropriate exit routes for children who enjoy the sport and this helps overcome a common barrier for continuing participation.

We are offering an outstanding service on behalf of the sport of Judo, for an in-depth look at the set up of our NGB visit: http://www.britishjudo.org.uk/home

Throwing yourself and your school into Judo is easy simply call Warren Schofield on 0752 786 1928 and we will do the rest!

Contact Us

Whether you are looking for Judo, an activity for fitness training, to learn a form of self defence or martial arts you can achieve all of these goals. For further information on Rochdale Judo Club be sure to get in touch with us by using the ‘Contact Us‘ page form, via the number listed above or why not drop in to one of our sessions. We welcome students of all ages and all skill levels, and look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Thank you for your time reading this – don’t be a stranger!

Judo at School

Why Judo is so important?

2013/08/19 | 02:23 pm

Judo is recommended by UNESCO for the child’s practice: “is the most effective link between the psychic and the physical welfare of the child, because it allows through play and fun the development of this one”. Judo is an Olympic sport since 1964 and the IOC considered Judo as the most complete sport, improving the quality of life of those who practice it.

Read more at: http://www.eju.net/judo-at-school?portalId=91&;contentCategoryId=33


  1. hi all at Rochdale Judo Club, I have been out of Judo for a good few years. Due to health probs, and work commitments. I am thinking of comming back, but would need some gentle help. Looking at senior sessions at RJC,could i return an give it a go, please
    ps i am now 62 years old.

    • Hello Chris

      You most certainly would be welcome to return and give it a go. And fear not, our Club President Maurice Clarke (4th Dan) is still on the mats regularly at 70 some odd years of age. He’s one of the active senior coaches and you will see him on the mats usually on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

      Our Wednesday evening sessions (7:00 pm to 8:15 pm) are a beginners’ session, so more technically orientated, but we still do some fairly vigorous randori and fitness depending on how the session progresses. I think this would be the optimal day for you to pop down to the Club and ease back into things.

      Most of the players on Wednesday nights are yellow belts and below, with the occasional smattering of more senior grades. You will also find there is a decent age range. The sessions are very well attended and everyone is used to easing people in as it tends to have a few raw beginners as well. Also, Warren Schofield (6th Dan) who is the senior coach and Chairman of RJC usually leads the Wednesday session and it would be ideal for you to speak with him to answer any questions you may have.

      You can also contact Warren separately – I have copied him into this reply – if you’d like to speak with him before coming down – wozmickjudo@gmail.com or 07527 861928.

      Hope to see you on a Wednesday night soon. Or on a Monday even – any of the RJC coaches will make you more than welcome.



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